The ceremonies of presenting the town of Altotting with the Flag of Europe

On September 28-th 2001 Wiesław Maras, Mayor of Częstochowa participated in the ceremony of granting the Flag of Europe to the town of Altotting. It is 10 years ago when Częstochowa started co-operation with this Bavarian town and five years when the co-operation agreement between the five pilgrimage centres of Altotting, Fatima, Loreto, Lourdes and Częstochowa was signed. In his speech in front of the Altotting Town Hall Mayor W. Maras on behalf of the Association of Towns Awarded the Europe Prize congratulated the citizens and authorities of Altotting on being awarded the Flag of Europe. He also expressed his hope that the honourable would oblige the Bavarians to act harder in aid of partnership of cities and European integration.

The moment of presenting the Mayor of Altotting with the Flag of Europe

During the ceremonies in Altotting the Council of Europe was represented by Benno Zierer, Deputy President of The Europe Prize Commission.

The monument with the sculpture of the Virgin Mary of Altotting